• Bob Orsillo


Updated: Sep 16

How would you like to wake on morning to find that AMAZON.COM was illegally selling hundreds of your images every one stolen from the internet; selling them on many products in many stores and using your name in the description and product header ? Can you get any lower than this.? Talk about in your face stealing!

First off; I do not sell my art, illustrations or photography on AMAZON.COM . I have never sold the rights for person or company to do so and neither has any of my agents or stock agencies. If you see my art, illustrations or photography on AMAZON it is stolen and violating copyright laws. If you see my name on any item in AMAZON (except for books) It is being used without my permission and the art, illustrations or photography has been stolen off the web.

The value of the images stolen from me; based on todays stock image prices is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. Also consider AMAZON is using my name in the title and descriptions of each product to sell stolen images on inferior products. Even using Prime to push them..

How much is your name and reputation worth? The answer is it is everything! A bad rep will put you out of business. And that is exactly what AMAZON is doing by turning a blind eye and letting this go on.

Why is this so difficult for AMAZON to figure out. The stores are setup like shell companies. They have no contact information - These are not one off's there are hundreds AMAZON store like this.

And the image thieves. Many of the AMAZON image thieves use the artist name in the product description and product header. They actually give credit to the image makes as the image creator. Many switch off names using that persons name with another persons work. Giving you the impression someone stole your work.

AMAZON seems to make very little effort in preventing the use of stolen images or the creation of scam AMAZON stores.

The follow major problems effect all image makers, illustrators artist and photographs:

1: Lost reputation: You are proud of your work; you work hard sustain a great reputation then something like this happens.. If your artwork looks like junk on a product and the product is junk that is how people will remember your name. They don't know it is low resolution stolen art. All they know is your name is one it.

2: Lost sales: Every sale these image thieves make on AMAZON is a sale you will never get.

Every stolen image on AMAZON is stock license you will never sell.

3: Devalues your images:

Think about what happens if you are selling your images online and AMAZON comes along and floods the market with a stolen version of your image and it is not in one AMAZON store, it is in many AMAZON stores

I am trying to keep this shot, there is so much more and not good.

I would strongly recommend that all artists, photographers and creators of anything search AMAZON.COM at least once a month for your work.

When AMAZON steals your images and sells them, who gets the money?

Be happy! Be healthy! Create Great Art!

*Screenshot on just of the hundreds of images stolen from me being sold and promoted on AMAZON. Date 09/12/2020 You can get discounts on the stolen images. Other stolen images of mine are being offered with AMAZON PRIME and AMAZON FASHION

*** Read the product description.

Above is one of the hundreds of original images stolen from being sold and promoted by AMAZON not just on prints but on countless other items in many different AMAZON Store.