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Fine art black and white photography by Bob Orsillo. 

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black and white prints by bob orsillo

photography and illustrations by Bob Orsillo

  • Bob Orsillo

Best Part Of The Trip

I will admit I have always felt sorry for the shadow of man being chased by a flock of shadow birds. What does it all mean?

"Best Part Of The Trip" is one of my most popular illustrations. It has appeared many places.

The most common question I am asked is what does it mean. The answer will always be "What do you see ? "

In this piece (starting on the horizon) we have the shadow of a man running from a flock of bird shadows. Is the sun rising or setting, the sky is roughly textured.

Moving the immediate foreground; Of center are train tracks. Switching tracks allowing you go in any direction. The tracks lead you to the horizon. To the left a rusting mass of gears slowly moves down the tracks towards junction, Carefully balancing on one rail. The tracks are overgrown with nature grass and flowers. To the right are trees.

The elements represented here are: Nature, Industry, humanity and technology.

Click on the illustration to see a larger more detailed version in the shop.

Take care.


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