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photography and illustrations by Bob Orsillo

  • Bob Orsillo

Easter Morning 2021

Updated: Apr 5

Walking along the Androscoggin River. It is a few minutes before sunrise. The sky dark as i walk north along the east bank. Cold morning, Ice on the river.

In the far distance the sound of muffled voices.

Easter Sunrise by Bob Orsillo

Braving this cold Maine Easter morning; The church choir and anyone else who cared to join them are social distancing. Wearing masks.

Voices loud and clear come together in the most beautiful harmony. They are welcoming the resurrection of Jesus, sunrise and Easter Sunday with a song written by George Harrison "Here Comes The Sun".

As I enter an open field. The song is ending. The first rays of sunlight show through the trees. Nature is awake, a new day begins.


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