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Fine art black and white photography by Bob Orsillo. 

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black and white prints by bob orsillo

photography and illustrations by Bob Orsillo

  • Bob Orsillo

Wire Collection Limited Edition of 100

Updated: Apr 13

The black and white metaphysical Wire Collection is now available in a limited edition collection. Printed by one of Canada's best fine art printers. Each has been curated and selected by the MacMillan Gallery.

The "Wire Collections" consists of eight black and white photographs by Bob Orsillo. Incorporating elements of sky and fog as well urban industrial elements such as barbwire, chain-link fence.

Photographs were make on location at prisons and urban industrial sites. Each is metaphor open to your own personal interpretation.

Non limited editions are available through Fine Art America

The collection will be part of an American Feature Film Noir to be released in 2022. More on that later.


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